5 Things You Can Do, By Phoning Up Your WordPress Blog

No kidding! You can now phone your blog and say much more than  just a Hello! WordPress has launched a fantastic feature wherein you can post an audio file to your blog, directly from any phone. 

Click here to read the official announcement by Matt, from WordPress.
This feature is so down-to-earth, that even an earthworm can use it! All you'd have to do is, Enable the Post by Voice feature, under My Blogs. Upon clicking the Enable button, a US phone number would be displayed, along with a passcode. Make a note of this phone number and memorize the passcode. DO NOT write down your passcode anywhere, since anyone can misuse your blog if they get hold of the phone number and the passcode - don't let your tech blog transform into a phone sex blog. Well, that was just a word of caution!
Coming back, this is where you'll find the Post by Voice feature in WordPress, under your Global Dashboard:

The following are some of the cool things you could do, using the Post by Voice feature:

Create Audio Podcasts

pic_podcast_463_full  Use any phone (US only) to dial your blog and post an audio podcast. The audio file will be posted to your blog instantly, after you hang-up. The audio quality of the podcast, however would depend on the surrounding environment. Make sure you speak from a quiet place - not from the fish market.

Relay Press Meetings

press release Dump those long and heavy microphones. Use your cell phone instead. Dial your wordpress blog, and simply let the politician directly talk to your blog! After you disconnect the call, the audio clip will be directly posted to your blog. You'd    be the first person to have relayed the press meet across the globe! Now, how cool is that?

Host Interviews

interview The next time you want to publish an interview in your blog, consider this - call the person with whom  you've fixed up an appointment for the interview. Let   him or her know that you're going to conference one  more person, who'd be a silent spectator, and who'd only be listening to the conversation. The silent  spectator would be none other than your WordPress blog - it'd be recording the interview in the background via the teleconference, and would instantly post the interview in your blog, as soon as the call is  disconnected.  To cut it short, you don't have to move your butt an inch.

Instantly Publicize

 RSS PublicizeThanks to social media for making the process of word-of-mouth-marketing, completely electronic. You could make use of all the social Networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc. (read, and a hundred others) to instantly publicize the conversation you've had with your blog. I don't want to get into the details of  how to use social media to promote your blog, as there are thousands of other sites that give you that advice for free. However, let me give you a random one. Click this. Speaking of publicity, let's not forget the faithful RSS (Not sure what RSS is? Watch the videohere), which would instantly syndicate your new audio post to all your loyal readers.

Build A Private Database

 private databaseAre you in the habit of making notes frequently? Forgot to carry your pen or scribbling pad, or both? Why not try this method - use your cell phone or land line instead of your pen. Yes, you guessed it right. simply dial your blog and start speaking out your notes. At the end of the one-side conversation, your verbal notes would have got posted into your WordPress blog. You could even build your own private database of verbal notes, by making your WordPress blog private (Click here to know how to do it, in case you're not sure). Use your USB pen drive to download the audio files from your private database, later. By doing so, you also have a back-up that you could carry along, which can be accessed even without an internet connection!

Now, what are you waiting for? Lift your handset and start talking to your WordPress blog!
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2 Response to 5 Things You Can Do, By Phoning Up Your WordPress Blog

December 15, 2010 at 9:48 PM

hey useful man! let me tryi this for our lensmangops picture blog.

December 21, 2010 at 9:55 PM

@Sri: Thanks! Please do so, and let me know how it worked! :)

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