Fire Your Imagination

Hello, and welcome to FYI . For your information, For Your Imagination is a weblog of invention ideas, compelling technology forecasts, innovative ideas for products, business and marketing, simple value-additions that can make a big difference, and anything under or over the sun, that's wildly creative and grossly unconventional! 

FYI is not a how-to blog. It's more of a why-not blog, with a major focus on invention ideas, innovative ideas, and basically, imagination. FYI is futuristic, and fictitious. Neither there are any specific rules that FYI follows, nor is this targeted to a specific reader community. Age, cast, creed, and gender, are no bar. We have topics ranging from why not chop onions without crying, to 5 things you can do, by phoning up your WordPress blog. So, you get the idea? 

FYI dreams about tomorrow's technology. FYI also believes that it's readers would perceive the invention ideas and innovative ideas mentioned in this blog, and convert the same into an astounding reality. Airplanes wouldn't have become a reality, without that one wild fantasy of Wright brothers. So, Even if one out of a thousand posts in this blog becomes a reality, it means we've accomplished part of our mission! The remainder of our mission would be to collect a royalty for every idea of ours that gets implemented *grin* - that *grin* was no joke, mind you!

There's a saying that every thousand-mile journey begins with a first step. We at FYI, want to carve that first step for you, by fostering your imagination. If you're a school or college goer, you're going to greatly benefit from this blog, as you may find loads of invention ideas and innovative ideas for projects. Likewise, corporations that are looking for invention ideas and innovative ideas, would get a lot of pointers from this blog.

Alright, we're now going to wear our thought helmets and start dreaming. We'll transmit our ideas to you via RSS (please sign-up!), as and when we get into a trance. Make sure you also stay connected with us, by being our friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and a ton of other social networking sites, which we've talked about in the relevant pages. If you like, you could also stay in touch with us, telepathically *grin*

Visit. Read. Imagine. Collaborate. Create. Communicate.