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If you're new to FYI (For Your Imagination), you must have noticed the labels Innovative Ideas, Invention Ideas, or Tickles. To put it in simple terms, Innovative Ideas are tips or better ways of doing things, Invention Ideas are brand new ideas that have the scope for a new patent, and Tickles are riddle-like questions.

Have you ever thought of Innovative Ideas, Invention Ideas, or come across Tickles that you always wanted to share with someone? If you did, please submit your ideas. Don't worry too much about the content. It could be anything that you had come across in your daily life and felt, "I know there's a better way to do this!" - yes, even something that's as trivial as how to chop onions without crying! If you had read some of the articles in this blog, you'll understand what we mean.

If you're a student, and are seeking invention ideas or innovative ideas for School or College Projects, write to us - we'll give you a whole bunch of ideas.

If you own a product development company (or, planning to start one), and are looking for invention ideas, innovative ideas or value-addition tips, get it touch with us - we'd be glad to share our thoughts.

If you don't have anything to share at the moment, why not send us your feedback about this site? Feel free to send in your honest opinions or comments. It'll greatly help us in improving this blog. All your messages will reach FYI's official e-mail ID. We assure you that we'll not spam your inbox or use your e-mail id for other commercial purposes.


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