From the Author's Neurons

G U R U was born in Jupiter, brought up in Pluto, bred and sandwiched in Earth. He descended on Earth directly from Krypton, after a secret meeting with the astral projection of the chief of Area 51. His mission is to inject the so-called innovation shot into the blood stream of the earthly creatures - a shot that'll germinate and alter the DNA code of the living beings at speeds greater than that of light. Whenever his mission completes, he'll return to void, and rewrite the cosmic laws governing the Akashic records.

If you think that is freaky enough, let's stop here. Well, whatever you read in the previous paragraph is what the author is, in his imaginary world. In the mundane world however, he has nothing to do with DNAs - he does not even know it's acronym. Though fundamentally an Electrical Engineer, G U R U is now a full-time Software Engineer, who actually gets paid for interacting with a Mainframe machine. G U R U has also been penning at Mundane Musings, a humour blog, since 2005. Apart from Writing, Music, Photography, Reading and Filmmaking are his other passions. In the real world, the author lives in Chennai, India. However, if he does get an opportunity to travel to Jupiter or Pluto, he'd love to be the last person on earth to grab it.