Access Your Address Book From A Friend's Phone

Imagine a scenario where you're at your friend's place, and you forgot to carry your mobile. You need to urgently get in touch with a distant relative of yours, to seek an information. You don't know his or her number. What would you do? If I were you, first I'd either call my parents, or a common relative, provided I remember their phone numbers by heart. If neither of them are able to help me out, I'd certainly be floating in a hot soup.

Now that I narrated the scenario, let me also narrate a figment of my imagination to solve such a problem.

How nice would it be if I were able to access my personal address book stored in my own cell phone, from any other cell phone? If such a service existed, I wouldn't even mind paying a small fee to the cell phone service providers. 

The idea is simple. There needs to be a global contacts cloud, which any cell phone service provider across the globe would be able to easily access. Every single cell phone in the world would have a unique user id (could be the cell phone number itself) and password to logon to the cloud. By cloud, I don't mean a storage area accessed via internet. The storage area that I'm talking about could be exclusive to the actual cell phone networks. Coming back, since every single cell phone across the globe would be able to access it's designated storage areas on the network cloud, there would be no problem for an Airtel-user (from India) in accessing his address book from an AT&T-user's (In the US) cell phone. The only caveat is that all cell phone providers across the globe should have some sort of a mutual agreement to have a stake on the cloud. Well, it's easier said than done, but do you get the idea? 

Take a look at the following image, for more clarity. 

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