Why not chop onions, without shedding tears?

Though there are several gadgets available in the marketplace to chop onions, the most reliable, popular and widely used gadget is the knife. Anything in this world may change, but I believe people won't stop using their hands and knives to chop onions! Never! No matter how much they make you cry! So, here's a cool tip that I'd like to share that might prevent your eyes from getting flooded with tears, while chopping onions.
It's pretty simple -- No, I don't suggest that you eat chocolates or chew gum *grin* during the process! 

Just follow this simple procedure:

1. Cut the onion into two.
2. Run it under a tap of water as you peel the skin (yay! you've passed the first hurdle)
3. Take a large vessel (large enough to accommodate your hands, an onion and a knife),
place a cutting sheet within, fill it with little water.
4. Soak the cut onions into the water and start chopping to glory!

It takes a bit of practice and some patience to do this, but eventually it'll give you a tear-free chopping experience! Now, wipe your tears and smile please!

Now, if you'd like to dig more on which chemical property of onions make you cry, or why do people even cry in the first place, check this link out: Click here to get redirected. But, don't forget to come back to FYI!

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2 Response to Why not chop onions, without shedding tears?

May 15, 2008 at 10:13 PM

Nice aricle......thanks for the tip

December 15, 2010 at 9:19 PM

Good one and it works! even small onions you can soak them in water while peeling. but this tip works only for people on the job :) will nd to think for people around next!

btw, a small tip - due to hard water, ur vessels like a pressure cooker tend to turn black. An easy way to avoid this is to use some lemon bits - yup,given the cost of a lemon, would be nice to extract the most of it - along with the water. To remove any existing coat, try just boiling some water with lemon bits.

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