Invention Idea: Operate Electronic Foot-Pedal on Drum Pads, Via Blue-Tooth

Early electronic drums Simmons SDS 5 ca. 1979 ...Image via Wikipedia
Have you ever played the pads? The electronic drums, I mean. If you're not a drummer, you should have at least seen someone play it during concerts. The next time you're watching a concert, observe the drummer's foot closely; you'll notice that he taps it rhythmically against a small device called the foot-pedal.

This electronic device serves the same purpose as that of the foot operated pedal of an acoustic bass drum. The difference is, the former sends an electric signal (for each foot-tap) to the pads via physical wires, and the latter physically thumps the bass.

The invention idea that we're about to discuss is not really about the electronic drums, but it's about the foot-pedal used in the pads. I've seen a lot of pad-users who frequently travel for concerts, complain about the cluttering of equipment wires in their travel bags. Though electronic drums are a boon to travelling musicians, the wires are more of a menace, and managing them seems to be a challenge. Of late, more and more devices have been taking the plunge into the wireless segment. However, there is still a large section of the electronic industry that has not been switching to this route. Take the electronic foot pedal, for instance. How cool would it be if we were able to sync the Yamaha foot-pedal with it's electronic pad, via blue-tooth? While your son is playing the snare drum and high-hat from the hall, you can pump the bass sitting in your bedroom! A blue-tooth normally supports a 50-meter range; imagine having a 50-meter long wire for your electronic foot-pedal! So, that's the idea. Incorporating wireless technology on such small electronic devices makes a big difference, when it comes to product innovation.

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