Remote Control Innovation, Using Solar Power

How annoying is it when you realize that your TV's remote control has run out of battery? Even after realizing the fact, do you still keep clicking the buttons, in an effort to extract even the minutest of the residual power? Do you ransack your entire house to find a spare AA cell, but never get it? Do you fiddle with your alarm clocks and wall clocks to steal a AA cell, so you can use it in your remote until your favorite TV show is over? Finally, are you too lazy to walk up to the nearest store and buy a new pair of AA cells? Trust me, you're not alone. 

In this post, we had discussed some innovative ideas for improving the TV remote; one of the ideas was to replace the AA/AAA cells in a TV remote with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, and have it's charger built into the TV itself. Similarly, here's an innovative idea that can completely eliminate the use of conventional battery cells - why not use solar powered cells in TV remotes? 
Though there are a number of applications for solar powered batteries, I haven't read much about harnessing the solar power in a TV remote. In fact, if you're looking for invention ideas in the remote control segment of the industry, this could qualify to be a new patent idea if applied in other electronic appliances such as Air-Conditioners, Fans, Garage shutters, DVD players, music systems, etc. This new innovative idea can have several benefits, some of which I've listed below. 

1.) Unlike the Li-Ion battery mentioned in the previous post, solar cells don't have to be recharged, as they have a great longevity. Just throw your remote control in any brightly lit area in and around your house, and the photons will take care of the rest!

2.) You'll never have to run from pillar to post, in search of a used AA cell *grin*. 

3.) You can sustain your laziness by not walking to the nearest store to buy brand new batteries *grin, again*.

4.) I don't think solar panels/cells that are used to power small gadgets are too heavy. I'm thinking of the solar calculator. How heavy is that? I think it's lighter than a AA or AAA cell. So, using solar cells in a TV remote, instead of using conventional batteries is going to cut down the overall weight of the TV remote.

5.) If all TV manufactures were to switch to this new technology, there won't be any battery waste at all. The world will become slightly greener than what it is today. We all crave for a greener world, don't we?

However, is the energy stored in solar cells good enough to produce Infrared, at the click of a button? Well, the proof is right here: Philips Debuts LED TV With Solar-Powered Remote. 

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