Missing Features In Google Nexus S

Much has been said about Google Nexus S. I'm certainly not going to review the features of the phone here. If you're interested, check this link in TechCrunch, which has an elaborate review.

However, I must say that the absence of the following features is heart-breaking:
  • HDMI Port, to directly connect the phone to an HDTV
  • Upgradeable SD card slot
  • Though a 5MP camera seems sufficient, it is not sufficient enough, given the fact that it is a Google phone. The presence of an additional VGA camera doesn't console me either.
Note: Nokia N8 offers ALL of the above features, plus an on-the-go USB. Alas! If only Nokia N8 had an Android...

Barring the above points, and especially taking features such as NFC into account, Google Nexus S is truly a futuristic phone!

Verdict: Google Nexus S, is god-sent.

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